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In the near future, a new device has emerged to detect the time of death of every man's life through DNA analysis. A modern day palm reading, the device has ignited fear and paranoia throughout the world. The film follows an aspiring filmmaker, Dillon (Barry Finnegan), who chronicles the hysteria and stumbles upon the mystery behind LIFE TRACKER Limited, the company behind the device. With the help of his friends, Scott (Matt Dallas) and Bell (Rebecca Marshall), they embark on a thrilling journey to find the real story behind the science, testing their friendship and faith along the way. Are the predictions true? Is a person's lifespan ingrained in one's DNA? The race is on to uncover the truth.

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Like any writer, the story of LIFE TRACKER comes from hundreds of little places scattered in my brain. Not just the characters and plot, but even the story of making the movie.

I guess it started in 2003 when I co-wrote a screenplay about an injustice in the world of genetics. Did you know that human genes can be copyrighted by the company that discovers them? Well they can. And when huge companies own the rights to specific genes, genes that are inside all of us, they charge money for any person or company wanting to use those genes in experimentation. This means brilliant scientists that may have groundbreaking theories, but lack funding, are not allowed to use copyrighted genes in their experiments because they can't afford them. I wonder what cures we would already have if experimentation was cheap to free... Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I sent this screenplay to the world famous geneticist Dr. James Watson (the screenplay was inspired by a passage in a book he wrote). Dr. Watson discovered DNA and won the Nobel Prize in the early 1950's with his partner Francis Crick (Watson and Crick). To my utter surprise the great doctor called me up one day and offered me friendly advice, an invitation to lunch, and a feeling inside that maybe, somehow, I really could effect the world with my story telling. 9 years later that screenplay still sits on my shelf, but my love for scientific thought and story telling only grows.

I hate to call LIFE TRACKER Sci-Fi, not because I have anything against the genre, but because I fear people will automatically think it's about spaceships, aliens, and futuristic worlds far from our own. All topics I love, but I'm more interested in how we get to those kinds of Sci-Fi. LIFE TRACKER takes place very much in our world, in our time, at the dawn of a new discovery; a way to look at a human's DNA as a timeline of their entire life. This is not predicting horse races or lottery numbers, but biological happenings in a person's life. Will I get cancer, will I have heart attacks, broken bones, genetic diseases? The science in LIFE TRACKER is not possible... Yet. But every day we hear about having a genetic predisposition to diseases, or about a gene that burdens us with some horrible future outcome. To go a step further there are now companies like LIFE LENGTH ( measuring the end- caps of your chromosomes (telomeres) to give you a virtual age, which is supposed to give you an idea of how long you've got left if you stay on the current health trajectory of your life. With LIFE TRACKER I wanted to explore what happens to people's minds when this science takes just a couple more steps and they can see the future before it happens. Nothing physically changes except your knowledge of the future, and that knowledge changes what you do and how you act, thus changing the world completely. And is it changeable? If it's already in our genetic code, is there anything we can do about it?

But how do you make this movie without boring the audience with the ins and outs of genetic science? Better yet, how do you do it on an "indie" budget. That's where it got fun! A lack of funds breeds creativity! First, the movie is about three friends dealing with the changes in their lives, and not the science itself. Three people you have to love and care about or the movie is a bust. Second, we used the now familiar faux documentary style of Blair Witch, Cloverfield, The Last Exorcism, etc. But this movie is different (aren't they all) because we are not a horror film or a monster movie. This movie is based in real life, with real people, dealing with things that will make us all wonder what we would do if the option to know our future was presented to us. What if you found out you only had 6 months? What if you found out the person you were dating and planning to marry was going to have parkinson's disease? What if you could somehow find out who you were going to have kids with before you even met the person?

I make movies because I love story telling, and my first goal is to entertain. Whether it be a heartfelt drama, a slapstick comedy, or a movie designed to sell popcorn, I simply love to be transported out of my own world for awhile to ride on the emotions of the characters in the stories. But, if in the process of telling my stories I can spark a deeper conversation, or open someone's eyes to an injustice that doesn't get press, or make them wonder further into the rabbit hole, then my life's ambition's are that much closer.

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Matt Dallas ... Scott Orenhauser
Jay Thomas ... Attorney General
Ron Canada ... Uriel Patterson
Jay Gillespie ... Drake
Rebecca Marshall ... Bell Osbourne
Robert T. Barrett ... Congressman
Ericka Kreutz ... Coffee Shop Woman
Norma Maldonado ... Mrs. Valliani
Sean Ryan Fox ... Struggling child
Darren Kendrick ... Coffee Shop Man
Jeannie Bolet ... Ellie
Susan Slome ... Tourist Mother
Kimberly Adair ... Abigail Wesson-Levitt
Frederik Hamel ... Downtown LA Interview #2
David F.M. Vaughn ... Sunset Strip Interview #5
David Goldman ... Husband
Jeffery Thomas Johnson ... Brigadier General Anthony Morris (as Jeff Johnson)
Susyn Elise Duris ... Downtown LA Interview #4
Grinnell Morris ... Rocko's Interviewer
Joseph Campo ... Belfast Anchor 2
Connor Rosen ... Candy Eating Kid
Thomas Isao Morinaka ... Mr. Slater Reporter
Chas Mitchell ... Richard 'Rocko' Hutchensen
Stevie Mack ... Traffic Man Todd
Bruna Matsin ... Honey Joans
Kendra Rose Montagna ... Valley Girl
Michael Hampton ... Sunset Strip Interview #1
Coronado Romero ... Tourist Father
Brendan Brandt ... Sunset Strip Interview #3
Derik Van Derbeken ... Rocko Guard 1
Blago Simon ... Limo Driver
Austin Grehan ... Gunman
Robert Sidney Mellette ... Bishop Buchanon
Dana Soliman ... Woman at Bar
Tracy Clifton ... Sunset and Vine Interview #3
Kathi Chandler ... News Anchor
Scott Joel Gizicki ... Downtown LA Interview #3
Dane Bowman ... Mr. Slater
Stephen Muterspaugh ... 64% Reader
Karla Zelaya ... Valley Girl 2
Ursula Devine ... Belfast Anchor 1
Barry Finnegan ... Dillon Smith
Jessica Arlette Lopez ... Chosen
Jessica Z. Whitney ... Chosen
Jon Thomas ... Jay
Michael David Farrow ... Chuck Lamont
Bernard Skibben ... Passer-by 4
Ryan Whitney ... Chosen
Michele Burns ... Sunset Strip Interview #2
Rebeka Pinon Cassidy ... Journalist
Travis von Cartier ... Zack
Robert Stephen Ryan ... Mr. Ranchaw (as Bob Ryan)
Dennis Ross ... Rocko Guard 2
Devon Ragsdale ... NYC Anchor
Aurora Nibley ... Sunset and Vine Interview #2
Nordine Bouriche ... French Tourist
Tristan Eisenberg ... Chosen
Susan Hunter ... Megan Brown
Josh Kelman ... Political Show Host
Roberta Pagnetti ... Olo TV Host
Tim Goodwin ... Stock Broker
Felice Terrabuio ... Italian Shopkeeper
Geri Sullivan ... Sunset and Vine Interview #1
Leon Beard ... Chosen
Diana McClean ... Chosen
Wanda Olivia Rocabado ... Chosen
Nagulu ... Indian Man
Guillermo Hellmund ... Politician (uncredited)

Produced by
Jim Arnold .... associate producer
Andrea Corti .... line producer: Italy unit
Baron Davis .... executive producer
Warrick Dawson .... associate producer
Lilliana Kiesselbach .... associate producer
Geeta Malik .... line producer
Rebecca Marshall .... executive producer
Chas Mitchell .... associate producer
Ray Patel .... associate producer
Sarju Patel .... producer
Paul Surace .... associate producer
Debbie Vandermeulen .... producer

Original Music by
Ryan Whitney

Cinematography by
Jeremy Weiss

Film Editing by
Tommy Aagaard

Casting by
J.C. Cantu
Jennifer Levy

Art Direction by
Dane Bowman

Costume Design by
Meghan Anderson

Makeup Department
Carolina Gazzola .... makeup artist
Ashlyn Melancon .... makeup department head

Production Management
Marc Ward .... unit production manager: Alabama

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Joseph Campo .... unit director: Northern Ireland
Max De Ponti .... unit director: Italy
Rajnesh Domalpalli .... unit director: India
Danny Friedman .... unit director: New York
Sarju Patel .... assistant director

Art Department
Austin Grehan .... props

Sound Department
Phil Englert .... sound mixer
Marissa Oberhelman .... sound
Will Ogilvie .... sound editor
Jordan Robins .... sound re-recording mixer
Jordan Robins .... sound recordist

Visual Effects by
Patrick Campbell .... visual effects artist
Michael Benni Pierce .... visual effects artist

Dane Bowman .... stunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department
Mattia Amadori .... director of photography: Italy unit
Derrick Bazemore .... assistant camera
Matt Dallas .... camera operator
Mustan Dawood .... assistant camera
Barry Finnegan .... camera operator
Tim Glass .... electrician
Rebecca Marshall .... camera operator
Mirko Salciarini .... assistant camera: Italy unit
Spencer Smith .... grip
Joe Spain .... gaffer
Jon Thomas .... camera operator
Jeremy Weiss .... camera operator

Casting Department
Aaron Davidson .... extras casting
Travis Zahodnik .... casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Grete Bergland .... assistant costume designer
Stephanie McNair .... costumer

Editorial Department
Michael Higgins .... colorist

Other crew
Camelia Adibi .... unit publicist
Matteo Arena .... production assistant: Italy unit
Derrick Bazemore .... production assistant
Bianca Bezdek-Goodloe .... legal services (as Bianca Bezdek)
Carol A. Compton .... script clearance
Alex Eldridge .... epk stills photographer
Tyler Holtman .... production assistant
Josh Kelman .... epk stills photographer
Jennifer McCuen .... production assistant
Katrina Wan .... unit publicist
Alan Wethern .... production assistant

Michael Bybee .... special thanks
Bennett Cerf .... special thanks
Chris Ciccarelli .... special thanks
Jose Cordoba .... special thanks
Jeffrey Hall .... special thanks
Josh Kelman .... special thanks
Michael Kemper .... special thanks
Darren Kendrick .... special thanks
Diana McClean .... special thanks
Ed McGufie .... special thanks
Ian Mountz .... special thanks
Brad Olson .... special thanks
Sonal Patel .... special thanks
Bill Patterson .... special thanks
Marc Sternberg .... special thanks
Jon Thomas .... special thanks
Nadia Valliani .... special thanks
David F.M. Vaughn .... special thanks
Marc Ward .... special thanks
Jessica Z. Whitney .... special thanks

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